Basement Find

Basement find. A Client was looking for a chair for her daughter's nursery room. She searched stores, but to no avail could not find a chair that she liked. We had just finished upholstering a different chair for her. She informed me she was...

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Christmas Special 10% OFF Labor

Christmas Special From November 13th thru December 25, 2018. The Furniture Specialist will be running a Christmas Special  10% OFF Labor. For All Your Furniture Repair Needs. Whether it is  broken springs, you need new foam cushions,...

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40 Year Old Club Chair Restored

40 Year Old Club Chair Restored This is a 40 year old club chair, restored. I started by removing all the fabric. After all the fabric was removed, I removed all the cotton and padding, so all that was left was the frame and springs. The quality of the frames today...

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Loveseat Collapsed Arms

Loveseat Collapsed Arm Repair   Here is an example of a love seat with collapsed arms. Collapsed arms on chairs and couches is becoming more prevalent in the furniture business these days. A collapsed arm happens due to substandard materials being used in the...

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Vintage Chair Restored Using Butterfly Fabric

This butterfly fabric chair is a great example of taking old furniture and making it new again. We took this vintage chair and restored it. First and foremost we stripped the chair down to the frame. Then we re-tied and re-webbed the springs, replaced the...

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