We see it everywhere- on walls, clothes, nails, purses- you name it, and there is probably a chevron print for it! It seems like this print just came out of nowhere, and is quickly becoming the new polka-dot. But just what is chevron where did this trendy pattern come from?

If you look at the chevron pattern closely, you will notice the same repeating arrow shape. Obviously, arrows are used to show direction and guide people. Depending on the way you look at the pattern, you may see either an upward or downward-facing point, or the repeating “V” or the structure of an “A.” In fact, you can find this shape in several alphabets of languages around the world! This symbol has been used in early art forms such as in pottery and sculpture. More modernly, this symbol is used in flags and also on badges of military personnel. The more chevron symbols, the higher the ranking in the military.

Now, you are probably wondering how such a prominent symbol came to be so stylish. The main reason why is because the pattern itself is aesthetically appealing. The pattern tends to direct your eyes downward or upward, which depending on what this print is used for, can be very flattering. For example, on a dress, the chevron pattern could be used to flatter the curves down to the ground, whereas a horizontal striped pattern would direct the eyes outward and make the wearer seem wide. A slimmer look will always be more favored for women, which is why the chevron pattern is especially popular during the swimsuit season. For men, the chevron pattern is seen quite often in ties for the same reason – the pattern directs the eyes in one direction – and leaves an overall slimming look.

The chevron pattern is typically a combination of just two colors. In chevron ribbon, fabric, and prints, white is usually one of the two colors but any color combination is possible. Because there are usually just two colors in the design, it makes chevron easier to coordinate with and match to. Most fabric and craft stores have a large supply of this print, given that it is so popular, so the chances are that you will find the color combination you are looking for.

Whatever your need may be, the chevron print is definitely one of the most popular prints on the market for clothing and decorations. It’s history proves that it isn’t leaving anytime soon, so whatever color of outfit you are trying to coordinate or room you are trying to decorate, the chevron print will have the colors you need and look that has and will stand the test of time.

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